Striving To Cover All Your Medical Needs

We provide a wide range of medical services at our General Practice alongside our inhouse Professional Services.



Acupuncturist PEGGY MCDONALD Information about the Practitioner: Peggy is a fully qualified acupuncturist and member of the Acupuncture Foundation Professional Association of Ireland (AFPA). She studied at the Acupuncture Foundation in The Marino Institute of Education, Dublin, Ireland. She studied under the respected [...]


Ante Natal Care

Ante Natal Care Our practice provides free ante-natal care for pregnant women which you can apply for at your initial appointment with our GP. Ante-natal care is a combined care of appointments involving both GP and Maternity Hospital. It involves nine planned visits, the [...]


Blood Pressure Monitoring

24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring We have a 24-hour blood pressure monitor available. The test measures your blood pressure at different times over a 24-hour period. An inflatable cuff is secured around your upper arm and connected to a small monitoring device worn around your waist. The cuff will inflate [...]


Blood Tests

Blood Tests Blood Tests are done in the surgery by appointment on every morning.  Please note that blood tests done in the surgery are not covered by the Medical Card and a charge will apply. Results are returned electronically by the laboratory, directly into your [...]


Cervical Smears

Cervical Smears Cervical smears are FREE between the ages of 25-65. Please register at www.cervicalcheck.ie to obtain your ID number. All of our medical team are fully registered with Cervical Check the National Screening organisation. A smear test (sometimes called a pap test) is a [...]


Childhood Immunisation

Childhood Immunisation Under 6 GP Card We encourage all parents to register their new babies on the Under Six free GP card which we accept in our practice. This means your baby will continue to be seen free after the Ante Natal free cover [...]


Chronic Disease Management

Chronic Disease Management The roll-out of a new Chronic Disease Management Programme for GMS/GPVC patients has started. The first phase of the Programme is targeting medical card & Doctor Visit card patients, aged over 70 years, with the following chronic diseases: Diabetes Type 2 [...]

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