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Information about the Practitioner:

Peggy PhotoPeggy is a fully qualified acupuncturist and member of the Acupuncture Foundation Professional Association of Ireland (AFPA). She studied at the Acupuncture Foundation in The Marino Institute of Education, Dublin, Ireland. She studied under the respected Professor Jin Huide, Dr Meng Fanyi, Dr Wu and Dr Therese Parsons and graduated in 2018.

Peggy completed her post-graduate clinical placement in the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Nanjing in the Jiang Su province of China, where she worked under the prominent Dr Li, Dr Ruan and Dr Lu. Practice management, professional ethics and best practice were taught for professional practice.

How does Acupuncture work:

Acupuncture is a complete medical protocol focused on correcting imbalances of energy in the body and triggering the body’s natural healing abilities.

From its inception in China more than 2,500 years ago, acupuncture has been used traditionally to prevent, diagnose and treat a variety of conditions. It improves general physical and mental health using hair thin disposable needles.

Inserting needles into acupuncture points with precision and appropriate combinations brings the energy flow back into proper balance.

From a Western Medicine perspective, acupuncture points are seen as places where nerves, muscles, and connective tissues can be stimulated.

The stimulation triggers the activity of the body’s natural painkillers (called endorphins). It increases blood flow, tissue healing, improves digestion, alleviates pain, regulates hormones, boosts the immune system and relaxes the mind.

We begin each treatment session with a comprehensive patient review, designed to understand the unique health patterns and behaviour. Then we create individualised treatment methods tailor-made for each patient. We closely track the results and modify treatments as necessary.

Treatment Methods used during the acupuncture sessions: 

  • Cupping Therapy

Cupping is totally painless and increases blood circulation to the area where the cups are placed. This relieves muscle tension (and emotional tension), which improves overall blood flow and promote cell repair. It also helps form new connective tissues and create new blood vessels in the tissue.

  • Electroacupuncture

Electroacupuncture stimulates muscles, nerves, blood circulation and helps the delivery of nutrients to damage tissues. Research on electroacupuncture therapy has demonstrated its effectiveness for many conditions.

In some cases, the results can be faster and greater than manual acupuncture. It simply intensifies the acupuncture treatment and many people find it to be a very relaxing and pleasant experience.

  • Infrared Therapy

Infrared light helps cells regenerate or repair themselves. It also improves the circulation of oxygen-rich blood in the body, promoting faster healing of deep tissues and relieving pain. It reaches the muscles, nerves and even the bones and has shown immense health benefits, from pain relief to reducing inflammation.

This form of heat therapy used during acupuncture treatments is totally safe and effective, without adverse side effects.

Example of Treatable Conditions:

Neck/Shoulder pain

Back pain

Knee pain

Hip pain

Arthritis (pain management)


Tennis elbow

Frozen shoulder

Muscle strain

Work/Sports injuries






Plantar Fasciitis




Acid Reflux






Chemotherapy support

Pregnancy support

Weight loss support

Peggy is available on Saturdays in the surgery by appointment only.

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