Project Description

24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring

We have a 24-hour blood pressure monitor available.

The test measures your blood pressure at different times over a 24-hour period. An inflatable cuff is secured around your upper arm and connected to a small monitoring device worn around your waist. The cuff will inflate and deflate at regular intervals over a 24-hour period to measure and record your blood pressure.

You can make an appointment with our Practice Nurse to have this done.  You will need to come in two days in a row to have it fitted and then the next day at the same time to have it removed.  Results are available within 24 hours of removal.

This test is covered by the Medical Card.

Make An Appointment

We are open for appointments weekdays from 9.00am to 6:00pm – half day on Wednesdays. We are closed Saturday and Sunday but ring the surgery anytime for details on the Doctor On Call service.