Project Description

Ante Natal Care

Our practice provides free ante-natal care for pregnant women which you can apply for at your initial appointment with our GP.

Ante-natal care is a combined care of appointments involving both GP and Maternity Hospital. It involves nine planned visits, the first to confirm your pregnancy up to and including both the 2-week baby check and the 6-week mother and baby check-up’s after baby is born.

Unfortunately, attendances for any other illnesses which arise during pregnancy (such as chest infections, blood tests, kidney infections etc.) are not covered under the Combined Ante-Natal Care Scheme and will incur a cost for private patients.

Vaccine During Pregnancy

It is now normal for all pregnant women to receive the annual Flu vaccine as early as possible in the pregnancy.

The pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine is also given later in pregnancy, ideally between weeks 16 – 36 of pregnancy.

Make An Appointment

We are open for appointments weekdays from 9.00am to 6:00pm – half day on Wednesdays. We are closed Saturday and Sunday but ring the surgery anytime for details on the Doctor On Call service.